Thursday, December 14, 2006

I can hear you walking across the floor of my bedroom. Cursed old house with creaky almost ruins the mood.

Suddenly, I feel your weight on me. You were so much closer than I thought you were. I gasp, giving you the opportunity to gag my open mouth. Now I cannot scream, but I can fight!

Your hands grasp my wrists and I buck hard against the weight of your body as you press me into the mattress. I can feel your hard length, still encased in your jeans, against my leg as I try my best to unseat you. You growl, low in your throat and I feel your teeth sink into my neck. I scream behind the gag and continue to fight.

You slip rope over my right wrist and pull it taught. My fight becomes desperately more vicious as I feel the rope slide over my left hand. Now you need only contend with my legs.

I hear the metal clank of you unbuckling your belt and my heart thumps heavily in my chest. The bed dips again and your hands grasp my ankles. I twist and struggle, desperate to free them from your grasp and I hear you laugh.
I just watched An American Haunting. It was predictable but good anyway. Actually...some of it got me started on an idea for a story. I'm not into incest or anything, but I'm sooo into "forced" sex, restrained sex, and face slapping. I'm getting shivers just thinking about it. I need to write apparently.

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