Sunday, January 14, 2007

I was leaning against the coffee counter as I often do, taking the pressure off my feet and wondering why on earth I wear heels to the shop. I could hear him moving behind me. He's a restless man and rarely stands still for any length of time. I pushed my body closer to the counter when I felt him get close, thinking he wanted to pass between me and the yellow love seat. Instead of passing by, he stopped and leaned against me, pressing me forward and holding me close at the same time.

I dropped my head forward, desire rising from that place below my belly button. When I felt his hand brushing my hair forward, reaching for my neck, I felt my knees buckle ever so slightly. His teeth against the back of my neck and his hand around my throat were my complete undoing. I moaned and let my full weight drop to the counter...I was unable to hold myself up any longer. He pressed forward harder, holding himself against me, letting me feel his whole body and the level of his own desire as he found new and more wonderful places on the back of my neck to sink his teeth into.

Then he stepped back. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and pulled me up to standing, letting me lean against him. I sighed and reveled in the sensual scent of his skin. I tucked my chin into his arm and let him hold me until I felt I could stand on my own again.

"You're a mean, mean man," I whispered. He laughed and left me standing at the counter.

I've been rubbing those bruises for two days now. Each time I touch them, the whole experience comes back in full sensory flash back. I told him about it briefly and all I got was "Good. Keep thinking about me." I'm nothing if not obedient.