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Friday, June 01, 2007

No Calls :(

I've been online one and off for about two weeks and haven't had a single call since the beginning of May :(. No one loves me anymore LOL.

Give me a call, ya'll. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Friday, April 20, 2007

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New Photo Sets

So I'm back with a vengeance LOL. I took a bunch of photos last night
and they are beautiful! These two sets are even better than my first
Hope you'll check them out. I know you'll enjoy them!

New Photos! ($15.00) There are five photos in this set and they are even better than the first set. I promise their state of undress is more progressive than the first set too!

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

This just in! Photos available! For only $5.00 you'll get three high quality photos of Willow in a progressing state of undress!

Members of my Google Group who buy this photo set will get a bonus! I have the unedited photo that is third in the set (it is currently edited to meet the NiteFlirt TOS) and I will add an additional photo of me with both breast bared.

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Later That Night...

So later that night, after almost everyone had left the dungeon, he took me by the hand and led me into the dungeon proper. He led me up to the stage area and undressed me. His hands and teeth teased and nipped at my body as he exposed it. I was panting with desire when he led me to the cd player, told me to put some music on and left the room.

I put the cd in the player and awaited his return. I heard him, then felt him step behind me. He knelt behind me and wrapped his arm around my neck, pulling me against him and reaching around with his free hand to grasp the nipple on my right breast. As he pinched and flicked that nipple, he pushed my hair aside and bit down hard on my neck. The moan which fled my lips was loud and filled with desire.

He pulled me backwards and lay me down on the stage. His hands roamed my body, stopping to pinch or caress as he familiarized himself with my curves. He pressed my knees so I would part them, then put his hand over my pussy, pressing down while slipping a finger into the folds. My back arched almost painfully as with one hand he played with my clit and with the other he flicked my left nipple until it throbbed.

He teased and tormented my body for what felt like hours. I know that at one point the last person in the building besides us came into the dungeon briefly.

He lay down on me, pressing my body into the carpet. I felt his hands circle my neck. He kissed me deeply, driving his tongue into my mouth. He continued to kiss me while increasing the pressure on my throat. I lay gasping beneath his weight, loving the surrender...knowing he could easily take my life but chose to only control me this way.

He turned me to my stomach and pulled me up to my knees. I felt his cock, still covered by his clothing, hard and insistent against my body. He shifted to remove his pants and I felt the heat of his body as his cock probed my body and found my cunt open, wet and waiting for him. He wasted no time but slammed his full length into me, battering my cervix and thrusting my whole body forward. He slammed into me again and again as I gasped for breath and screamed with the combination of pain and pleasure his thrusting caused.

He leaned back, pulling me with him and leaving his cock buried in my cunt. He lay back and thrust harder and hard into my body as I fought for my balance both physically and emotionally. He never once let go of me, nor did he ever let me forget he was in control.

Finally, he slipped out of my body and pulled my head into his crotch. I licked and sucked his balls until he finally allowed me to suck his cock. It filled my mouth and pressed against the back of my throat. I swirled my tongue of the head of his cock and continued to bob my head up and down, letting it slip into my throat on the downstroke and nearly out of my mouth on the upstroke.

I could feel his balls tighten and felt that familiar throbbing and rushing on the underside of his cock as his climax came and cum pumped into my mouth. I swallowed every drop, then thanked him for the gifts of the evening.

I can't wait to see him again!
Biting is HOT!
OMG that man loves to bite. I can barely turn my head today because the back of my neck is bruised from being bitten.

I was sitting on the stock bench watching a single-tail lesson when he came to stand with me. He wandered away for a few minutes, returning with the armbinders. This was the first time since they arrived a week and a half ago that I was the one put into them (and while others have had them on, no one has used them in a scene yet). With my shoulders held back and my hands unable to reach the front of the bench, he sat down behind me and pulled me to him. His hands roamed over my body, stopping briefly to unhook my bra. He pushed the front of my bra down so my nipples rubbed against the inside of my sweater. He teased my nipples, pinching then flicking them through my sweater. I was gasping and panting and unable to breathe by the time he finished. My nipples throbbed in time with my heartbeat.

He then brushed my hair off my neck, wrapped his hand into it (which always makes me shiver) and pulled my head to the side, exposing my neck. He nibbled just a little on the side of my neck while pulling me harder into his embrace (so hard the bench tilted back and i was crushed against him). It was then he lifted his head away and then leaned forward and sunk his teeth into my neck. I moaned and tried desperately to find somewhere to hold on. I kept having the image of a large wild cat grasping its mate in preparation for copulation as he pulled and gnawed my neck. I heard him growl low in his throat and felt the throbbing in my cunt notch up to an almost unbearable level.

With his free hand, he pulled my hands behind me so they were between us and resting on his cock. It was hard and hot and I moaned again. I wanted him to push me forward, tear my clothes from me and fuck me right there in front of everyone. Anything to have that cock battering into my body. But I'd have to wait for that until later and so must you, my devoted reader...

Friday, January 26, 2007

Hot Call
I just had a really hot call! Sir wanted to use my ass and my pussy. He put clamps on my nipples first, teasing and hurting them in just the right way. I've been known to cum just from having someone play with my nipples and clamps always put me right on the edge.

Then he slapped my pussy until it was hot and red and very wet. When I was whimpering and crying from the pain, he slammed his cock hard into my pussy. I screamed! God it felt sooooo good. He fucked me harder and harder until I was begging him over and over to let me cum. He finally relented and allowed me to cum. I screamed and panted and rode that orgasm until it left me weak.

He tortured my nipples some more, wrenching each gasp and cry from me as he pulled the chain on the clamps. My pussy throbbed with each pull. He then told me to prepare my ass for his 9" cock. I shuddered. I so love having a cock in my ass. I can't even tell you how much I enjoy having a man fuck my ass until I can't breathe.

Sir slammed his cock into my ass, working it until I was panting for breath and begging to cum again. He fucked me for what felt like an eternity as I begged and begged for release. When permission was finally given, I could barely keep conscious. The blood was thundering in my head, my heart was thumping against my ribs and my pussy was convulsing with my orgasm. I was left weak and trembling when he was finished with me.

God, I hope he calls again. That was HOT HOT HOT!
Hot Call
I just had a really hot call! Sir wanted to use my ass and my pussy. He put clamps on my nipples first, teasing and hurting them in just the right way. I've been known to cum just from having someone play with my nipples and clamps always put me right on the edge.

Then he slapped my pussy until it was hot and red and very wet. When I was whimpering and crying from the pain, he slammed his cock hard into my pussy. I screamed! God it felt sooooo good. He fucked me harder and harder until I was begging him over and over to let me cum. He finally relented and allowed me to cum. I screamed and panted and rode that orgasm until it left me weak.

He tortured my nipples some more, wrenching each gasp and cry from me as he pulled the chain on the clamps. My pussy throbbed with each pull. He then told me to prepare my ass for his 9" cock. I shuddered. I so love having a cock in my ass. I can't even tell you how much I enjoy have a man fuck my ass until I can't breathe.

Sir slammed his cock into my ass, working it until I was panting for breath and begging to cum again. He fucked me for what felt like an eternity as I begged and begged for release. When permission was finally given, I could barely keep conscious. The blood was thundering in my head, my heart was thumping against my ribs and my pussy was convulsing with my orgasm. I was left weak and trembling when he was finished with me.

God, I hope he calls again. That was HOT HOT HOT!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

First Scene

This is an account of the first scene I had with a man I served several years ago. I hope you enjoy it :)

"Can you reach your ankle?"

The smooth caress of His voice coupled with my anticipation of his coming action sent chills over my already sensitized skin. I reached for my ankle and grasped it firmly, silently thrilling to the touch of rope against my skin. So many times I had privately fantasized about being bound in rope, no quick escape available, and now I felt the sensuous softness snaking around my ankle. The clink of metal and tug on my wrist set my heart hammering. My hand was now firmly bound to my foot.

As he repeated the process, I became aware of the vulnerability of my position. My knees were spread wide, my body open for His touch and torment. I shuddered violently. This was my fantasy, wasn't it? A man to bind my body and free my spirit?

I jumped as His hand settled over my Venus mound. Wrenching spasms rocked my body as His thumb found and teased my clit. My breathing, already ragged, came in short, almost painful gasps as He continued to tease the center of my sex. When His finger sought entry into my body, I held my breath, anticipating the flood of pleasure that washed over me as He pressed a finger firmly into my passage. My back arched painfully as tremors rocketed through my body. Only by shear force of will was I able to stem the rise of my orgasm as He continued to tease my body. "You have to ask for it." Again, my body twitched at the sound of His voice.

"Yes, Sir," I managed to whisper between gasps.

He moved away from me, leaving me flexing my hands and straining against the bonds as I sought to regain contact. When his hand smoothed over my aching breast, I arched into it, silently begging for more.

The chilled latex against my fevered skin raised gooseflesh on my body. With agonizing patience, He pressed the dildo into my flesh. The bulbous head of the instrument stretched my body, pressing firmly against those places that make me tremble. With deliberate delay, He withdrew the phallus, then pressed it forward again. Each pass of the head over those points within my body wrenched a moan from my lips.

The orgasmic tide within my body that had remained within my control suddenly surged past the point of no return. Seating the synthetic flesh firmly within my body, He tapped its base, sending shock waves through my system. "Oh God!" I gasped.

"My name's not God," He teased. "You know what you need to do."

I gritted my teeth, determined to ride this wave just a little longer. "Yes, Sir."

He tormented my body further. Finding my clit again, He rubbed it with increasing speed. My head tossed from side to side and my shoulders lifted from the floor. Without warning, He began rapidly thrusting the dildo in and out of my body. My resolve broke on the second stroke.

"Please, oh God, Please, Sir." I gasped.

"Please what?" His voice was calm, almost bored.

"Please may I cum, Sir?" I begged.


That single word released all hold I might have had on my body as I shuddered under the crushing sensations thundering through my system. As the tide crested and receded, I felt my muscles loosen their grip and my shoulders fell to the floor.

Not yet finishing with me, He teased my body with several more thrusts and taps. Each movement lifted my shoulders and tightened my muscles. Finally, He withdrew the dildo, chuckling softly at my bereft moan.

The next touch of his hands came as he released my bonds. With the utmost care, he loosed the ropes and massaged the deep marks I had inflicted upon myself by pulling at my bonds. When He finished, my hands remained at my sides despite my intense longing to touch Him.

He leaned over me, holding Himself just above my body. The touch of his skin against my nipples wracked my being with wave after wave of shuddering pleasure.

"Are you all right?" His breath tickled my ear just a moment before His teeth grazed it.

"Yes, Sir," I whispered after another wave of tremors rocked my body.

New Year's Eve

This is a story I wrote a very long time ago. I thought ya'll might enjoy it :)

I was listening carefully to what Sir was saying to me. In fact, I was listening so carefully that I missed it when he asked me if I was willing to do what he is asking. I look carefully into his eyes and, seeing the love in them agree to what he is asking.

"This will not be easy, slave. Are you certain it is what you want?"

"I'm certain, Sir."

"Then I guess I should call our friends and tell them that they have the centerpiece for their New Year's Eve party."

New Year's Eve is suddenly upon us and Sir is helping me to choose what I will wear to go to Mistress and Master's party. We are standing together in the Dungeon, looking over the various leather cuffs and collars in our collection. Sir knows that the simple act of wearing my own leather will help put my mind at ease. He finally chooses a supple and soft set of cuffs for my wrists and ankles and a narrow but strong collar with a matching leash. Over these, he puts only a long red velvet cape. He helps me slip my feet into a pair of black pumps, then kisses me softly.

"Whether you can see me or not, I will always see you," he says and leads me up the stairs.

We get into our vehicle, which has been warming in the garage, and head for Mistress and Master's house. I am nervous, but not so much so that I am not aroused. My heart is pounding and my mind is racing.

We arrive at Mistress and Master's house and Sir pulls the van into the garage. We are early, as was previously arranged, so no one else has arrived as of yet. Sir, with his hand firmly holding my elbow, leads me into the house through the kitchen door that opens into the garage. Mistress and Master are both directing many people dressed in black around the kitchen and it takes them a moment to notice us.

"Sir! How wonderful that you have come and brought us such a beautiful gift," Mistress exclaims when she notices us. "Bring her into the dinning room, we're ready for her now and everyone will be arriving soon."

Sir and I follow Mistress through the bustling kitchen to a large, formal dinning room. Several of the black-clad servants help Mistress and Sir pull the chairs for the dinning room table back to the wall. The table itself is a beautiful formal dinning table of dark wood, polished to a high glossy sheen.

Master is suddenly behind me, leaning to whisper into my ear. "You are beautiful and our guests will love you."

Excitement rolls through my body and my arousal levels rise in accordance. Master reaches around me and unclasps my cloak. He then folds the edges back from my body and removes it from my shoulders. My eyes immediately find the floor when I realize that the servants are still in the room and I am now naked but for my restraints.

"Come here, slave," Mistress beckons to me. I immediately cross to her.

"Help me, please, Sir. We need to get her onto the table."

Sir helps me sit on the edge of the table, then lifts my legs while Mistress lowers my head so that I am lying along the length of the table.

"Master, be a dear and bring me the pillows from the den sofa," Mistress calls to her husband.

When he returns with the requested pillows, Mistress places one under my head and neck and the other in the hollow between my buttocks and my back. She then fusses busily over me, moving my body from one side to the other, centering me on the table. When she has placed my body where she wants it, I hear the muted clink of chain and the loud click of that chain being clasped to my right ankle.

I glance down across my body and see Mistress bend and lift another chain from the underside of the table and clasp it to my left ankle. The process is then repeated for both of my wrists. When all four of my extremities have been secured to the chains, Mistress calls to one of the servants and I see him drop to his knees and assume that he has crawled under the table. My suspicions are confirmed when I hear the clicking of chain and my bonds are tightened from under the table. In the end, I am bound tightly spread-eagled across the dinning table.

Sir caresses my forehead and steps back as the servants begin to decorate the table around my body with flowers and fruit and other beautiful items. When they finish, I am at the center of a display of exotic flowers and tropical fruits; a whole new way to create a centerpiece that is both beautiful and edible. I wonder to myself what Martha Stewart might think of me and smile softly.

Mistress comes into my line of sight and shows me a few things she has brought to the table. The first is nothing more diabolical than some rouge to take away some of my nervous pallor. Mistress lightly brushes the cosmetic color over my body, paying extra attention to my nipples, teasing them softly with the brush and smiling when my body reacts. My nipples tighten and my back arches. It is then that Mistress shows me what else she has brought.

She grasps my right nipple and quickly places a small rubber washer around it, effectively trapping it in its erect state without cutting off the circulation. This process is repeated with my left nipple and the effect when she is finished is even more impressive than my own natural erect state. My nipples stand straight and tall and are extremely sensitive without being painful. Mistress touches them each again, satisfied with my reaction when I suck in a quick breath.

Mistress then leaves my line of sight and I am left guessing what might be next in her bag of tricks. I feel her hand between my legs and my body jumps. Her fingers toy with my clit and my arousal levels rise again.

"She is so beautiful, Sir. Our guests are going to love her," Mistress says.

"We'll leave her here while the servants set the table. The other guests should be here any minute."

I hear their voices fading, then hear the noises of the servants coming into the room and setting the table with formal china and full place settings. I wonder where Mistress and Master might have found a table large enough for what was currently being placed on it. In addition to my body and the various decorations around it, each place setting included all the formal plates, silverware, and crystal one might expect at a royal dinner.

My eyes close and I rest, listening to the sounds of the house around me. A servant occasionally brushes a hand over my belly or breasts, keeping me aroused, but otherwise, no one touches me.

I must have dozed off because the next thing I know is that people are coming into the dinning room and sitting down around the table. I hear several exclamations over the beauty of the centerpiece and my body flushes with pleasure. It is only a few moments before there are hands on my body, teasing my nipples to even higher attention and brushing over my pubis and lightly teasing in the opening of my pussy.

"Where are your manners everyone?" I hear Mistress ask. "We cannot offend the cook by having desert before we eat his wonderful meal."

Having said that, Mistress motions for the guests to sit and enjoy their meal. As the meal continues, hands brush my body at odd intervals. I am off balance and shocked by each contact, never knowing when the next one will come or where on my body it will be. Someone spills a few drops of cold water on my belly; someone else brushes their warm hands over the soles of my feet, then places an ice cube between my first and second toes. The sensation makes me jump which earns me a smart slap across my right breast from Master and a matching on across my left breast from Mistress.

The meal continues through many courses, each one announced by the chef and applauded by the diners. As the meal winds down, the caresses of my body become bolder. The moment when dessert is announced, a hand reaches between my legs and a finger invades my body. My back arcs, lifting my breasts into more prominent display.

"Wait, my eager friends, there is a price to be paid for sampling this very special desert," Master says. "Tonight's proceeds will be donated to the charity of the winner's choice."

"Who will offer the most for the right to eat this special desert?" Mistress asks as the chef sprays whipped cream over my straining breasts. The chef tops each whipped cream covered breast with a large maraschino cherry and drizzles chocolate over the whole area. My eyes are closed and my breathing labored as the bidding begins. It tops the $100 mark, then $200, finally fetching up at $225. I open my eyes to see a grey haired head leaning over my body a moment before I feel the man's tongue delve into the whipped cream and unerringly seek out my taut and bound nipples.

The man cleans each of my breasts thoroughly, spending extra time sucking the whipped cream and chocolate sauce from my nipples. He takes one of the cherries from the top of the sundae and sucks it clean before forcing it into my mouth. The sweetness is a shock, doubled when I feel the other cherry settle into my belly button.

Finally, there is no more for the man to eat. He whispers, "Thank you, beautiful," to me and steps away from the table.

"The next dessert up for bids needs no embellishment, ladies and gentlemen. What will the bid be for this succulent fruit?" Mistress asks, cupping my pussy and making me gasp.

The bidding starts at $250 and rises quickly, stopping briefly at $900 until a finger invades my body and a comment is made about sweetness. From there, the bidding rushes on again, finally stopping at $1500.

"Open your eyes, slave," Sir whispers in my ear. "See who paid so much to taste you."

I open my eyes and see a very beautiful woman standing at the foot of the table. She kneels on a chair to reach me and caresses my thighs on her way up to reach my pussy. She smiles softly at me and my heart begins to hammer in my chest.

When her tongue touches me, my heart seems to stop. My back arches painfully and I pull strongly against my bonds. Her tongue teases me in the ways I have always wanted to be teased during oral sex. She slides her tongue from the bottom of my lips, across the vaginal opening and over my clit slowly, deliberately, making me gasp and pant. I feel Sir take my hand and I grasp it tightly. My body writhes as much as my bonds will allow and I can feel an orgasm building within me.

"Yes, beloved, you may cum," Sir whispers to me.

In the next moment, the woman teases my clit while plunging a finger into my pussy and my body is overwhelmed with pleasure. As my scream of pleasure echoes through the dining room, the woman slips back to the floor and walks around the table to stand near my head.

"Thank you, beautiful. You taste wonderful."

I am still panting with my orgasm fading slowly, but I look closely at her and smile.

Sir's hand brushes my hair out of my face and he kisses my forehead.

"Almost done, slave. Are you ready?"

"Yes, Sir," I whisper back.

"There is one final treat from this centerpiece open for bid this evening," Mistress says loudly, as though trying to get my attention before proceeding. "How much will you pay to have the pleasure of this slave's body to use as you see fit, so long as she remains in her place on this table?"

The bidding begins and I hear Sir's voice among the bidders. I also hear Master's voice bidding as the price rises. Finally, I hear the two conferring for a moment and a bargain is struck. They will share the cost of the high bid, but they will also share me.

The chairs are pulled away from the table so that the two men have full access to my body from all angles. Some of the remaining decorations are removed from the table, leaving room for the men to kneel on the table or lean over particular areas.

A moment before my eyes are coved with an impromptu blindfold made of one of the linen napkins from dinner; Sir's face is in my sight. He smiles and covers my eyes, leaving me to wonder: will I be able to tell the difference between the two men about to take me? Coherent thought is quickly chased from my mind as the hands descend upon my body.

Fingertips caress my skin from my temples to my toes. I am being touched in so many places at once that I am certain more than Sir and Master must be enjoying the "centerpiece," but without my eyes I cannot be certain. When a hand clasps my breast at the same moment fingers invade my pussy, I gasp and arch my back as much as my bonds will allow.

Fingers toy with my lips and I feel the table move a bit. A moment later, a cock is pressing against my lips where fingers had been only a moment before. I part my lips and a sweet tasting cock, different from Sir's presses into my mouth. I suckle this cock for a moment before it begins to move in and out of my mouth, pressing forward slowly and withdrawing quickly. I can feel an orgasm building just from the sensuous feel of this cock in my mouth and the idea that a room full of people is watching me suck it.

Just when I think I cannot possibly feel any better, I feel hands caressing my thighs and the unmistakable feeling of a cock being brushed over my skin. This cock is pressed against my clit and my body jerks in response. The owner of this second cock rubs the head of it up and down my slit, teasing the opening of my pussy by pressing forward but not breaching me. I begin to moan around the cock in my mouth.

Finally the cock teasing my pussy plunges into me and I am rocketed ever closer to my climax. As little as I can move under my restraints and the weight of the man on my chest, I manage to move my hips enough to increase the friction of this second cock in my pussy. I am moaning around the cock in my mouth and flexing my hands while being thoroughly fucked. My climax reaches its apex a moment before the man whose cock is in my mouth removes it and my scream of pleasure is allowed full voice.

The man pumping vigorously in my pussy matches my frenetic movements and soon groans in pleasure and falls against my belly. I am panting and gasping for breath while my body twitches and strains in the aftermath of my orgasm. There are suddenly hands all over my body, caressing and soothing. Whispered praise is voiced as my awareness returns to the room in which I have been on display for the past several hours.

I hear the clink of chain and my hands are brought around to rest on my chest. Another few clinks and my legs are slowly brought together. My cloak, recognizable by the scent of Sir's cologne, is draped over me and my body is gathered to the edge of the table where I lean against someone's chest. My blindfold is still blocking my vision.

I hear the sounds of the party breaking up. I hear the negotiations of which charity will receive the proceeds of the night. I hear the soft breathing and whispered words of praise from the person holding me. Finally, Sir removes my blindfold and turns my body so that I can see him. His smile is enough to know that he is pleased.

"Magnificent, slave!" Mistress says, coming into the room. "We will have to have you and Sir back again the next time we entertain.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just Another Day
So I'm sitting here at the dungeon, hoping the phone will ring. I've been working on my websites and reading a romance novel from time to time. There's not much going on around here today, but I can always hope business will pick up. Maybe it's time to work on that story I started a couple weeks back.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I just wanted to show him the new metal restraints we'd ordered and received. They're Darby restraints...heavy metal...very sexy. I held them out to him and his eyes lit up the way they do when he really likes something and begins having evil thoughts about what to do with it.

He twisted the key into one of the cuffs and reached for my left wrist. I gave it to him without hesitation. I'm used to being a "demo dummy" when it comes to our products. It was when he crossed behind me, taking my hand behind my back that the funny little sinking/spinning sensation began below my belly button and spread until my heart was thumping against my ribs and my face was flaming.

He reached for my right arm, pulling it behind me and I felt the cold steel close over it. It felt so wonderful to be held this way. Free to insist he release me, but loathe to do so because the bondage felt so good. I really enjoy being it by metal or rope or even command. Because I generally do not enjoy pain, I think sometimes my love of bondage gets shuttled into the "do not do" column along with the painful stuff.

It didn't last nearly long enough. He unlocked the cuffs and didn't bother to hand them back to me. Instead, he headed back down the hall to get a total...but not before picking up that awful, evil, short rubber flogger.

Later, as we were discussing the merits of the short handle on the rubber flogger, he reached for me again. His hand threaded into my hair and pulled me tight against his broad chest. The thumping of the flogger on my back as he held me tight against him was almost pleasant, but certainly not as pleasant as the scent of his cologne and the feel of his hand firmly pressing on the back on my neck.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I was leaning against the coffee counter as I often do, taking the pressure off my feet and wondering why on earth I wear heels to the shop. I could hear him moving behind me. He's a restless man and rarely stands still for any length of time. I pushed my body closer to the counter when I felt him get close, thinking he wanted to pass between me and the yellow love seat. Instead of passing by, he stopped and leaned against me, pressing me forward and holding me close at the same time.

I dropped my head forward, desire rising from that place below my belly button. When I felt his hand brushing my hair forward, reaching for my neck, I felt my knees buckle ever so slightly. His teeth against the back of my neck and his hand around my throat were my complete undoing. I moaned and let my full weight drop to the counter...I was unable to hold myself up any longer. He pressed forward harder, holding himself against me, letting me feel his whole body and the level of his own desire as he found new and more wonderful places on the back of my neck to sink his teeth into.

Then he stepped back. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and pulled me up to standing, letting me lean against him. I sighed and reveled in the sensual scent of his skin. I tucked my chin into his arm and let him hold me until I felt I could stand on my own again.

"You're a mean, mean man," I whispered. He laughed and left me standing at the counter.

I've been rubbing those bruises for two days now. Each time I touch them, the whole experience comes back in full sensory flash back. I told him about it briefly and all I got was "Good. Keep thinking about me." I'm nothing if not obedient.