Friday, January 26, 2007

Hot Call
I just had a really hot call! Sir wanted to use my ass and my pussy. He put clamps on my nipples first, teasing and hurting them in just the right way. I've been known to cum just from having someone play with my nipples and clamps always put me right on the edge.

Then he slapped my pussy until it was hot and red and very wet. When I was whimpering and crying from the pain, he slammed his cock hard into my pussy. I screamed! God it felt sooooo good. He fucked me harder and harder until I was begging him over and over to let me cum. He finally relented and allowed me to cum. I screamed and panted and rode that orgasm until it left me weak.

He tortured my nipples some more, wrenching each gasp and cry from me as he pulled the chain on the clamps. My pussy throbbed with each pull. He then told me to prepare my ass for his 9" cock. I shuddered. I so love having a cock in my ass. I can't even tell you how much I enjoy have a man fuck my ass until I can't breathe.

Sir slammed his cock into my ass, working it until I was panting for breath and begging to cum again. He fucked me for what felt like an eternity as I begged and begged for release. When permission was finally given, I could barely keep conscious. The blood was thundering in my head, my heart was thumping against my ribs and my pussy was convulsing with my orgasm. I was left weak and trembling when he was finished with me.

God, I hope he calls again. That was HOT HOT HOT!

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