Thursday, January 25, 2007

First Scene

This is an account of the first scene I had with a man I served several years ago. I hope you enjoy it :)

"Can you reach your ankle?"

The smooth caress of His voice coupled with my anticipation of his coming action sent chills over my already sensitized skin. I reached for my ankle and grasped it firmly, silently thrilling to the touch of rope against my skin. So many times I had privately fantasized about being bound in rope, no quick escape available, and now I felt the sensuous softness snaking around my ankle. The clink of metal and tug on my wrist set my heart hammering. My hand was now firmly bound to my foot.

As he repeated the process, I became aware of the vulnerability of my position. My knees were spread wide, my body open for His touch and torment. I shuddered violently. This was my fantasy, wasn't it? A man to bind my body and free my spirit?

I jumped as His hand settled over my Venus mound. Wrenching spasms rocked my body as His thumb found and teased my clit. My breathing, already ragged, came in short, almost painful gasps as He continued to tease the center of my sex. When His finger sought entry into my body, I held my breath, anticipating the flood of pleasure that washed over me as He pressed a finger firmly into my passage. My back arched painfully as tremors rocketed through my body. Only by shear force of will was I able to stem the rise of my orgasm as He continued to tease my body. "You have to ask for it." Again, my body twitched at the sound of His voice.

"Yes, Sir," I managed to whisper between gasps.

He moved away from me, leaving me flexing my hands and straining against the bonds as I sought to regain contact. When his hand smoothed over my aching breast, I arched into it, silently begging for more.

The chilled latex against my fevered skin raised gooseflesh on my body. With agonizing patience, He pressed the dildo into my flesh. The bulbous head of the instrument stretched my body, pressing firmly against those places that make me tremble. With deliberate delay, He withdrew the phallus, then pressed it forward again. Each pass of the head over those points within my body wrenched a moan from my lips.

The orgasmic tide within my body that had remained within my control suddenly surged past the point of no return. Seating the synthetic flesh firmly within my body, He tapped its base, sending shock waves through my system. "Oh God!" I gasped.

"My name's not God," He teased. "You know what you need to do."

I gritted my teeth, determined to ride this wave just a little longer. "Yes, Sir."

He tormented my body further. Finding my clit again, He rubbed it with increasing speed. My head tossed from side to side and my shoulders lifted from the floor. Without warning, He began rapidly thrusting the dildo in and out of my body. My resolve broke on the second stroke.

"Please, oh God, Please, Sir." I gasped.

"Please what?" His voice was calm, almost bored.

"Please may I cum, Sir?" I begged.


That single word released all hold I might have had on my body as I shuddered under the crushing sensations thundering through my system. As the tide crested and receded, I felt my muscles loosen their grip and my shoulders fell to the floor.

Not yet finishing with me, He teased my body with several more thrusts and taps. Each movement lifted my shoulders and tightened my muscles. Finally, He withdrew the dildo, chuckling softly at my bereft moan.

The next touch of his hands came as he released my bonds. With the utmost care, he loosed the ropes and massaged the deep marks I had inflicted upon myself by pulling at my bonds. When He finished, my hands remained at my sides despite my intense longing to touch Him.

He leaned over me, holding Himself just above my body. The touch of his skin against my nipples wracked my being with wave after wave of shuddering pleasure.

"Are you all right?" His breath tickled my ear just a moment before His teeth grazed it.

"Yes, Sir," I whispered after another wave of tremors rocked my body.

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